Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to add my property to this site?
A: As a special offer to owners, Real Estate Agents and Constructors, we are offering the possibility to do a 12 month advertisement for one property for just € 55 (normally €100) or do a 1 year advertisement  for up to 40 properties for just €350 (normally €700). Offer valid until 31. December 2018.

Q: Who can advertise their property on this site?
A: Any owner of private or commercial real estate can use this site to advertise their property for long-term rental or sale. Real estate agents are also welcome to advertise their properties on ChangeHome. Real estate agents wishing to list more than 5 properties are encouraged to contact our sales team for customised package to suit your needs.

Q: Why should I use ChangeHome to sell my property?
A: Our website is a cost effective way to market your property to thousands of people from all around the world. Our superior search engine makes it simple for potential buyers and tenants to find your property. We also make your property advertisements visible to many more people through social media networks and on trusted partner sites, meaning a greater marketing reach than you could achieve through advertising on a single website.

Q: Why should I use ChangeHome to find a property to buy or rent?
A: ChangeHome properties are added directly by vendors and real estate agents, who pay a fee to advertise. Dealing directly with the owner can save you time and money.

Q: How much commission does ChangeHome charge?
A: For private owners and smaller real estate agents advertising their property on ChangeHome, there are no commission fees. We do not participate in the sales process - only introduce potential buyers to you.

Q: How much do I pay if I find a property I wish to rent or buy?
A: ChangeHome is FREE to use for renters and buyers. Simply use the Contact Vendor form on any property advertisement and we'll put you in touch with the vendor.